Eszter Takacs


Update: Thank you for your continued narcolepsy.
Update: Todayís date is how you have grown.
Update: Todayís date isnít todayís date but a mongrel of your lost ambitions.
Update: Via rash quiz a student has flown away.
Update: Students wore blue today in the stark wide blue.
Update: I edit you a nonexistent housewife.
Update: You are a synonym for breathing the masculine.
Update: Slobbered onto my dynasty.
Update: The royal hair extension needed a hashtag.
Update: Your hashtag is my rebuttal.
Update: People and water are what I live in.
Update: This outline of you is sort of punch, sort of dead.
Update: I crashed a party for the freedom coffee.
Update: We have gone to war inside my manuscript.
Update: Googled my Google.
Update: We have moved to new location so please advocate.
Update: We have updated your records into space so please dream up.
Update: Didnít think this war was about your basement but hey.
Update: The royal family is the new black.
Update: Kanye isnít real but Kanye is my serial number.
Update: A poet, a priest and a soldier walked into a bar joke.
Update: Funnel cakes are only the beginning.
Update: Just ate a really big feeling.
Update: Chlamydia is only a feeling.
Update: Please sit down with your favorite ghazal in your lap.
Update: Good looking rabbits love you.
Update: We canít sing but select a passage.
Update: Typing sad bitch planet.
Update: We are stoked to be you.

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