Juliet Cook

Nobody Listens to Me (Dream 1)

You sold something of mine without knowing its value to me and without thinking I would notice.
I screamed. You stole something of mine and then laughed and told me to just calm down.
I screamed and screamed and screamed but you still didn't hear what came out of me.

I screamed until my own neck snapped and everyone else around the table just laughed. They
passed it around, slowly sipping my blood from wine glasses.

Nobody Listens to Me (Dream 2)

I am a high-pitched broken ceiling fan, with my body stuck in the molding, with the bottom of my
neck contorted and silently whirring. I am shaped like a headless gray angel. I am partially
rotating, wanting nothing more than to fall down and break through the floor.

I can't scream out loud but even eyeless I can see you sitting around the table and acting as if I
don't exist. Blood should drip down from the ceiling, out of my mouth, and splatter your head.

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