Keith Francese

Capriccio Italien

she tells me she sings in c minor and I don't know what
that means she wants to talk about Tchaikovsky I think
Capriccio Italien or something I try to explain to her the difference
between dirty good and good dirty I do not succeed she says
she once saw a Picasso exhibit in Seoul I saw the same one but do
not mention it I decide against giving her my fifteen-minute spiel
how Happy Feet and The Road Warrior are really the same story
a story about belonging it comes to mind when she speaks of the penguins which thrive
on the southern tip of New Zealand the odd-looking ones she's been
kayaking on three continents I think about the freshwater dolphins in the Yangtze
they're dying

she says she doesn't eat artichokes or tomatoes or olives
or onions doesn't like the taste I pretend not to hear

order the bruschetta

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