Jessie Janeshek

You Need Me Your Ice, the Brightest in Town

I lack decorum                                  an ox cart or gypsum
  a dirt road repurposed                                  testosterone sun tricks.

I miss your wide moustache                 orange tingle
   how you'd call me criminal
   slide in the hot springs ass first.

The lake is ephemeral, albeit red-horned.
I hold the little green deer on blue dunes
wonder how much of this cold is psychology.

My hands will fall off
or I'll cut a hole in God's side to stay warm.

See the Wolves!

I live your love                                           on Kitchen Mountain.
          My presence means cages
          hung from wind tin.

Exhausted by arduous cryptozoology
          I need your Holly
          Hobby-hugged bible
          grit in my pussy
          white gesture of bone.

                                                      I had that bad dream
                                                      you knew my vitals
                                                      saddled my corpse
                                                      dumped it in sand.

                                                      You called me sissy
                                                      glass eyes in the firepit
                                                      sick mother duck ducking.

I'm one of those sites
along scenic byways
hatching the hounds.
It's all I can take
to stay in this town.

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