Jessie Janeshek

You Can Sing Any Two Songs Together
          if You Slow Them Down Long Enough

I like a fat turnaround                       visual piety
           an Indian blanket             sore nipples
but it makes me nervous                     to pinpoint the moment
                       your right to unite us expired.  

Someday I'll climb                    from this cave of cheese fries
           hand over my nether parts                   be more than sludge
a nice metal donkey                 a mint-green-haired zombie  

a girl in a dogsuit.          I'll check for wires
           while my sky's falling               see a baby rabbit
skinned in the backyard             my cunt burning blue
           like a cartoon eye                     the déjà vu of being  

the sick sailor cat dressed        in the blind attic
           fact or figurine.                 You'll want more minerals
an itch in your crotch             ceremony's fragility
           wearing a clown wig    a Cabbage Patch mask.  

You'll dance as I squat                      on El Camino Real
           roll Guadalupe       a fresh cigarette
the royal row row row            of the bland silver mine  

and I will smell catshit                       among the young cacti
                          and grandpa will still be alive
                                  and I'll keep asking why
                          are you still so obsessed with me?

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