Adrian C. Louis

Electric Snakes #12

An   onion.   Somehow   an   effing   Vidalia   onion
broke   free  of  its  mesh  bag  of  confinement   &
slithered into a corner of the kitchen counter where
for some strange reason I pile used plastic bags.  It
hid   there   for  several   weeks,  trembling   in   its
newfound freedom, before  it  made  a  decision  to
give  itself  up  to  me.  It  waved  a  green  flag  of
surrender. When  I  noticed  it,  it  had  four  bright
green shoots  rising ten inches into the air.  I  donít
think   anyone   wants  a  pregnant  onion  on  their
kitchen counter so, I decided to throw it out into my
backyard  where  stupid  little  rabbits  lurk.  But,  a
light  snow  was  falling  &  it  was only ten degrees
out. It would  freeze  to  death  before  the  rabbits
found it  &  ate  it. I gently stroked its green shoots
and set it back on the counter. These mornings now
I say  hi  to it when  I  make my morning coffee. In
three  or  four  weeks  the  gray  world  outside will
start turning green.

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