Billy Cancel

need a cosmic ray lamp or something

to revisit the time when     i put a white
jacket on     lit a cigarette so     a pulsating
halo adorned me     while the whole
aspect convulsed in     some anachronistic
sheen ‘til it became too     difficult to find
an audience for such     pompous repertoire &
it was assumed someone     missed the road
to the dump but     there have been     100 reports
of the creature’s existence since         narcissus
     squared blow back     it’s about what’s
hidden muffled or     pushing up from
under infinite pastel backdrop treasonable
criticism blue junk squad         where
     i failed to evoke the feel & buzz of
the peppermint lounge     being a soft guy with
dark areas that     was romesville where i
lost it before i moved     here to sucker
garden’s     earthy tones organic palette     hardly
a hey martha story right?

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