Alexandria Hall

I Contain Myself Needfully

Of all the things at Mary's house, I recall the look of the larkspur overcome by the lavender.

Sure, I see the rapture of Bernini's St. Teresa, though the stone looks so cold.

You have to be able to leave yourself before you can truly leave another.

Last night I danced until I could have been slipped out of.

But there's that I again, that that I again.

Morning is a despot. I comply with each humiliating demand.

Before the renovation, birds flew down the chimney. My mother shrieked when they pierced the living room.

This move is called the inflatable man. I call this one the trash compactor.

How long is the average feeling of remorse? Rough estimate.

J says, There is no unseeing, no undoing. But I put it all in words till it withdraws completely.

My neighbor who kept pigeons in a coop on the roof lost all five hundred in the fire. A drone video shows the view from above. No sound. Just the building heaving light.

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