Kimmy Walters


Iím falling backwards into the
velvet leotards of my childhood

falling into the honeysuckle bush in
my neighborsí backyard

the incremental sweetness I love so well

pixel of flavor loading over dial-up

I always wanted at least one
environmental factor to blame for
my sadness

there was the weather of course

and the toxic landfill, which I
didnít find out about until later

I think I remember my mom telling me
something about poisoned horses
and I was like oh my god
please never tell me about
a poisoned horse again

there were zero
sidewalks or streetlights in the neighborhood
and there still arenít any

so it still feels virtual to me, like
doesnít it regenerate piece by piece whenever
my car maneuvers through?

when I visit my mom now
I come upon caches of photos
I must have taken

one while waiting
for the school bus
of a rabbit taking a dust bath,

since eaten by something thatís been
eaten by something

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