Gavin Corey


She's a lazy pig that sleeps 18 hours a day,  mooches  all my shit,  eats in my bed,  and  doesn't clean up after herself.  Gordo
had $200 go missing after she moved in and obviously  Jamie  or I would never steal from Gordo.  She basically made me feel
like she wasn't into it so I dumped  her and asked her to go and she  FLIPPED OUT  and I quote:  "your  [sic]  an  unattractive
coward who writes shitty poetry your [sic] a terrible writer your poems are so bland and boring blah  blah good riddens [sic] to
you and your pathetic life.  Your [sic] too cookie cutter and boring for me."  I'm like, "Why ‘cuz I don't eat out of the trash and
have a job?"  She said she hates my  poems and has always  thought I was bad  but I'd take poetry tips from my dog before I
took them from Zoe.

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