Brandon Crittendon

Class of '09 Rulez

There was a fury growing in all of us the summer after graduation. Shit kickers still with nothing to do. That was the summer
Faye quit smoking. She got a job at a gas station down in Derby, sacked up with some old man in a trailer next to a cornfield.
It was just like giving up. Nick  and  I  started snorting 80s to pass the time.  We shared this chick from down the block once.
We were so fucked up neither of us could cum and he kept staring at my dick.  I  kind of liked that.  We never talked about it.
Later he ripped her off for $400 worth of pills  and  we  moved to the other side of town so she couldn't collect her debt. Jess
got sick with all of us.  He left  for  Colorado a week after our windfall.  I heard he made it as far as Des Moines. Faye moved
back into town and started smoking again. We didn't keep in touch with anyone else.

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