Natalie Sargent

the indifference of computer generated emotions

your patience is appreciated
someone will be with you shortly
i try to make my voice sound
computer generated

the heat radiates like anger
it is august
i try to find every way
to be someone else

i exist inside the idea
that inertia is responsible for everything
between your skin
and the elastic
around the top of your underwear

i let my mouth drag across your skin
take off your shirt and lay down next to me
look at me
everything in this room is dust
become dust with me

i have breathed my way into this new space
my particles combine so nicely with your particles
i press my face into your back and inhale

no one knows what they are doing
no one is fully automated
why don't computers perspire the way we do?
we are full of wires
and small metal pieces

i am a series of green lights
you are sailing through
the assumption of safety
inside your locked apartment
a large and unexpected sum of money
your broken laptop screen
electronic splinters

i have watched the idea of you
cover me like kudzu
the green waste of an alabama summer
suffocates what is left of us

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