Ansley Clark

Looking Forward To

Everyone on the internet shitting themselves for fall
makes me love everyone    makes me love
how repetitive the seasons are    like
here they are    again again    and again they come back to us
reminding me of things I enjoy
that I forgot    this is an easy way to locate oneself
winterís nice damp things and then
oh my god itís spring
when everyone loiters outside    caring less
the treesí green warm glow at night
the smell of butter burning    a watery wind
through oaks and top floor windows    all of them are
my favorite and good    a monthís round haze shape
when we stand back in parking lots
to comment on another full moonís effect
to nod and murmur at the sense and relief
as though this is the first
full moon ever    how many times we get to
experience a year    itís truly
amazing can we agree

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