Sampson Starkweather

You Sent Me a Picture of an Actual Wolf in Brooklyn

I vowed never to use
The word
In a poem
But here we are

It is Spring
Prince is dead

Dearly beloved
We are gathered
Here today
Say the flowers
At the funeral
Of Humanity

Itís raining
Of course
Itís clichť
Which is how
We know
We are
In a poem

Nature, etc

People pour out
Of the subway
Pop open
Plastic flowers
Are still flowers

We need a wild
To believe in
Your phone

Language is a turquoise monster
Moving around
And Ummmmm
No honey
You canít keep it

But O the living stream
And lushness of the way
A thing is said
And the achingly
Imperceptible movement
Of the earth
As it is

Author's Note: "a turquoise monster / Moving around" is based on a line by Wallace Stevens

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