Liana Peacock

//// beeteeth.txt

can we watch cadillac desert
do bees have teeth
and if not
will they accept it when i make them small dentures
ur still waking up so i
leave these to soak & check the weather

we could move to a logging town
i'll hold bees
old house on a soft n messy road ur wool socks
i'll make you coffee and i won't mind if u fall back asleep before i bring it to u
maybe i'll wake u up if there's a deer outside
if it is a really good deer i reserve the right to hang out with it 1 on 1

//// cadillac desert

accidents can't see me if i'm sitting still
when bad things happen
of course it is my fault

you're going to leave me outside the Barnes and Noble in a thunderstorm
you're going to bring the car around
you're going to swear that the Maricopa Municipal Utility doesn't think I'm water and
you're going to say there's probably some sort of grate over this pipe
you can't hear the water as loudly as i can
you haven't fallen asleep to the sound of infrastructure

there are places on my body that talk about disasters
you're very gentle when you lay your hands on them

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